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We are invited to play the “South-by-Southwest Festival 2014” in Austin Texas - Yeehaw!

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New Album in 2014!

The recording of Louise Gold´s next album will start March 2014 at LowSwing Studio Berlin. Producer is Guy Sternberg.

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Live in Elmau

We played our farewell to summer concert at the wonderful Schloss Elmau in Bavaria.

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Debut — New Album out now!

We are excited to announce the release of our album “Debut” at Skycap/Rough Trade!

  • 01If I Don’t Have Love
  • 02Take This Longing
  • 03Boys Are Heroes
  • 04Tillerman & Comrade
  • 05Lullaby Of Moabit
  • 06Footloose Fancy-Free
  • 07Any Human Heart
  • 08A Zoot Suit For My Sunday Gal
  • 09Hush! Hush! Sweet Baby
  • 10Hush! Hush! Bolero
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Debut – Press Reviews!

“They have a broad range, with a nod to the economy of pop songs in the songwriting that has paid off.” (Christine Heise, Tip-Magazin, April 2013)

“The thunderous climax of their piece “Boys Are Heroes” is like getting Bond’s pistol put to your chest!” (Rolling Stone, May 2013)

“Louise Gold is a timeless vocalist who knows how to convey both lightness and tragedy in equal measure.” (Radio Eins Berlin, Album Tip)

“Even those who aren’t necessarily attuned to retro will appreciate Debut by Louise Gold and Company.” (Sound & Image, April 2013)

“Polyphonic to the pinnacle in one take.” (Jazzthetik, April/May 2013)

“Debut offers wonderful music with a flair of the past that can successfully measure up to the present.” (Jazz thing, April/May 2013)

“Whoever has ever lain awake the whole night because “Tillerman & Comrade” was haunting them, or because they couldn’t get the “Boys Are Heroes” refrain out of their heads, cannot help but notice that Debut is nothing less than a handful of songs that have already become classics.” (Victoriah Szirmai, Fairaudio, April 2013)

“It wouldn’t be surprising if Louise Gold & The Quarz Orchestra were themselves to become a part of music history.” (magistrix, February 2013)

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Take this longing, Live

Live at Jüdisches Museum Berlin, August 2013

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If I don't have love, Live

Live at Jüdisches Museum Berlin, August 2013

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New Sounds!

We recorded our new Songs in a Berlin studio that exclusively uses equipment from the 1950s and which charms music onto tape using methods from that time period: together with the entire band. That’s music in real time, nowadays a rare gift. It fits to our way of making music. The music happens. Before and after there is space for thinking and considering, but while it is happening, it simply flows.

  • 01Boys Are Heroes
  • 02TakeThisLonging
  • 03Footloose Fancy-Free
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Recording Session at the LRS Studio Berlin

Some impressions of our recording session at Lightning Recorders Berlin in September 2011 (Photos: Ruth Maiazza).

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Hush! Hush! Sweet Baby

We shot the Video in a circus tent in Berlin on a very hot day in June 2011. Louise wanted Sabine Steyer to direct it because she saw her recent work in documentary and liked it very much.

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A night at the Opera House